What You Need to Consider When Framing a Piece of Artwork

While an artist's work is considered a masterpiece, it's not complete unless and until it is framed properly. Many artists believe that they haven't finished the task until their work is properly framed. What are the most important elements to consider when preparing a piece of art for framing?

Why Framing Is Necessary

Certainly, framing adds an element of "finish" or professionalism to the work and makes it available for display and sale. While any beautifully designed piece of work can sell on its own merits, it'll be far more likely to catch the eye and go for a good price if it is framed properly. Most casual buyers will view a potential purchase by trying to picture how it will look sitting on their wall at home. It makes it more difficult for them to picture how it would look in the frame and how the combination would look on their wall.

Frame Sizing

Usually, the smaller the piece of artwork the more substantial the frame required, in order to make the whole production stand out. If the work itself is not too ornate, then you don't want a frame that tries to take away from the actual art, as this can often turn buyers away.

Matting Properly

Your choice of mat can be very important. Not only should it be well structured, but it should also be relatively neutral in terms of its colouration. Some people believe that the mat should match the room where it hangs by blending in with the overall colour scheme. The best rule of thumb here is to ensure that the matting doesn't overpower the artwork, that it is never darker than the darkest colour in the piece or of a colour that is completely alien to the original work.

Separating the Glass

Whenever framing behind glass, it's very important that the artwork itself does not come into contact with the glass. The matting needs to be set up so that this doesn't happen and there is less chance of damage to the surface beneath through trapped moisture or dust.

Setting up Your Work

As framing is certainly an involved subject and many people consider it to be a separate form of art, it's best to bring in the experts if you want to make your latest creation available for display in a professional gallery or auction. You want to be sure that all of your effort at the easel is rewarded by the gavel.

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